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1Hymn No.9 - Lobe den Herren, den machtiren Konig der Ehrenmid1,969 0.1%
2Hymn No.1 - Thee will I love, my God and Kingmid1,884 0.1%
3Hymn No.2 - Nun Danket alle Gottmid1,714 0.1%
4Hymn No.3 - O worship the King, all-glorious abovemid1,600 0.1%
5Tommaso Giovanni ALBINONI: Adagio, g minormid1,472 0.1%
6Hymn No.1 - Thee will I love, my God and Kingmp31,450 0.1%
7Pablo De SARASATE-TAKAHASHI Harumi: Zigeunerweisenmp31,444 0.1%
8Alexander BORODIN: String Quartet No.2, 3rd mov. Nocturnemp31,442 0.1%
9Hymn No.7 - O worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessmid1,375 0.1%
10Pablo De SARASATE-TAKAHASHI Harumi: Zigeunerweisenmid1,355 0.1%
11Hymn No.15 - The Lord in King! lift up thy voicemid1,349 0.1%
12Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY-SEKITO Shigeo: Barcarolle Op.37b No.6mid1,322 0.1%
13Antonin DVORAK: Slavonic Dance No.10mid1,300 0.1%
14Alexander BORODIN: String Quartet No.2, 3rd mov. Nocturnemid1,299 0.1%
15Gabriel FAURE: Apres un revemid1,263 0.1%
16Hymn No.4 - All people that an earth do dwellmid1,249 0.1%
16Franz LISZT: La Campanellamid1,249 0.1%
18Hymn No.6 - We would extol thee, ever-blessed Lordmid1,234 0.1%
19Hymn No.5 - Before Jehovah's awful thronemid1,223 0.1%
19Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART-YASKAWA Toru: Piano Sonata No.11, 1st movementmp31,223 0.1%
21Hymn No.8 - Praise the Lord: ye heavnes, adore Himmid1,187 0.1%
22Hymn No.21 - Come, O Lord, like morning sunlightmid1,175 0.1%
23Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART-YASKAWA Toru: Piano Sonata No.11, 1st movementmid1,170 0.1%
24Johanness BRAHMS: Hangarian Dance No.2mid1,165 0.1%
25Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY: April - Lilly of the Valleymid1,162 0.1%
26Hymn No.23 - New every morning is the lovemid1,158 0.1%
27YASKAWA Akiko: Waltz Bb majormp31,151 0.1%
28Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY: February - Carnivalmid1,150 0.1%
29Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY: March - Song of the Larkmid1,146 0.1%
30Hymn No.19 - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hiermid1,141 0.1%
31Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Romance No.2, Op.50mid1,120 0.1%
32Hymn No.16 - Dir, dir, Jehovah, will ich singenmid1,117 0.1%
33Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY-SEKITO Shigeo: Barcarolle Op.37b No.6mp31,115 0.1%
34Hymn No.10 - O thou my soul, bless God the Lordmid1,107 0.1%
35Hymn No.17 - For the beauty of the earthmid1,097 0.1%
36Johanness BRAHMS: Hangarian Dance No.3mid1,095 0.1%
36Hymn No.13 - Ich singe dir mit Herz und Mundmid1,095 0.1%
38Hymn No.20 - Lode den Herren, o meine Seele!mid1,094 0.1%
39Robert SCHUMANN: Traumerei Op.15 No.7mid1,082 0.1%
40Hymn No.11 - O for a heart to praise my Godmid1,080 0.1%
41Hymn No.12 - Randez a Dieu l'honneur suprememid1,069 0.1%
42Johanness BRAHMS: Hangarian Dance No.1mid1,067 0.1%
43Hymn No.67 - Come, Thou Almighty Kingmid1,060 0.1%
44Hymn No.14 - Du, meine Seele, singemid1,059 0.1%
45YASKAWA Akiko: Episode Eb majormid1,054 0.1%
46Frederic Francois CHOPIN-Johanness BRAHMS: Etude Op.25 No.2mid1,053 0.1%
47Hymn No.39 - Abide with me: fast falls the eventidemid1,052 0.1%
48Hymn No.24 - Nocte surgentes vigilemus omnesmid1,048 0.1%
49Hymn No.27 - Splendor paternae gloriaemid1,047 0.1%
49Hymn No.103 - The first Noel the angels did saymid1,047 0.1%
Total (5387)1,620,911300.89

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